Keto No Bake Cookies

 Keto No Bake Cookies 

Keto No Bake Cookies#Keto #No #Bake #Cookies#KetoNoBakeCookies
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1.    2 tablespoons real butter
2.    2/3 cup all natural peanut butter (or your choice of nut butter)
3.    1 cup unsweetened all natural shredded coconut
4.    4 drops of vanilla stevia (or sweetener of your choice)
5.    1 tablespoon cocoa powder (optional)


1.    In a microwave safe dish, melt butter.
2.    Stir in peanut butter until smooth. If you chose to make these with cocoa powder, add it now.
3.    Add stevia and coconut. Mix well.
4.    Scoop 2″ spoonfuls onto a sheet pan.
5.    Freeze for 5-10 minutes.
6.    Store in a sealed bag, refrigerated. If you do not store refrigerated they will be sticky.
7.    Enjoy! 🙂


    If using a granulated sweetener add it to the butter when microwaving to melt.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving: 174 calories; 16,1 g fat; 6 g carbohydrates; 5 g protein.

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